When the time comes for you or your loved one to plan a wedding party, it’s always wise to keep in mind what people will remember the most: the fun they had at the reception! Unfortunately, many people stumble onto the wrong person to entertain their party, only to be left disappointed. That being said, with all the many things that could go wrong at a wedding, finding the best and most fitting DJ simply requires preparation, research, and a bit of intuition.

Maui wedding DJ Chris Serna always brings a sense of welcome, the latest and greatest technology and lighting, and the warm spirit of Aloha. What more could you ask for in regards to the perfect Maui wedding reception? This particular DJ is located on the West side of the island and always strives to exceed the expectations of anyone who requires his skills. He is the type of entertainment provider who will simultaneously respect the wishes of the bride and groom, play the perfect set of songs, and create an entrancing ambiance for all.

DJ Chris Serna will never disappoint his guests by disrupting the flow of music or lighting. With his high experience level, he always has full control of his situation, even while multitasking to the max! He will honor the song requests of you and your loved ones, and will never play songs that you have specified him not to play. He is reliable as well as fun and easygoing. DJ Chris Serna is willing to go the extra mile for his guests, as he is the one who feels honored to be a part of your most special day. Picking a DJ with a solid background and a fantastic track record is sure to guarantee a great time to be had by all!