Did you know that Lahaina is one of the best places in the world for Halloween? If you are on island, get your costume together and prepare yourself for a Halloween Night like no other! Front Street is always a crazy good time filled with music, incredible costumes and of course fun! A few helpful hints will help you make the most of your Halloween on Front Street:

1) Take Pride In Your Costume. The competition is fierce on Front Street, so start your costume planning early.

2) Make sure your costume allows you to breath, eat and drink freely… you’ll want to do all of it! Also make sure your costume isn’t going to make you too hot.

3) Find a way to stash some water in your costume. It can be warm on Front Street even in October.

4) Grab your friends and ohana and head to the Banyan Tree on Front Street, because that’s where the good times will be taking place thanks to legendary Maui wedding DJ Chris Serna – who will be in charge of this year’s Halloween soundtrack live on Front Street! You won’t be able to miss this treasured Lahaina location, as it is one of the largest Banyan trees in the United States and is over 140 years old. It’s truly a special spot for one of Maui’s best event DJs to shine his light on everyone – Halloween style!

Enjoy your Halloween safely and we’ll see you at the Banyan Tree!