October has already been an eventful and exciting month for Maui’s favorite wedding DJ Chris Serna, and he continues to make a splash! This month, Chris became the first DJ ever to play at the Aston Ka’anapali Resort for a small and intimate wedding. The Aston is unique in that it not only captures the magical spirit of Aloha, but does so at a rate you can actually afford – while maintaining high standards of class and elegance. Out of all the DJ’s available in the state, DJ Chris Serna was chosen because of his singular ability to rise to such a standard.

It was a groundbreaking day for the bride and groom (obviously), the resort, and of course, DJ Serna. This Maui DJ keeps climbing higher and higher with every event!

The bride, groom, and their beloveds all had a blast dancing the night away with Chris’ top-notch lighting, musical merriment, and all-around good vibrations. However, Maui’s cherished DJ was the one feeling blessed. It’s a wonderful occasion to be “the first” at anything, especially when you’re the first DJ deemed worthy of playing such a high-class venue. If you’re getting married on Maui, enjoy your own wedding reception with KCK Entertainment Productions and create the experience of a lifetime!