Whether it be a wedding or a birthday party, when that time comes in your life to plan an event that requires music and fun, choosing the proper DJ for your occasion is quite an integral aspect! Having a proper meet-and-greet with the person or people who specialize in wedding DJ service is SO important for you and all your party guests. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of tips and tricks to help you choose the right DJ.

First and foremost, try your best to meet your potential wedding DJ in person! We know that these days there are more popular and common ways of contacting people, yet from emailing to texting to Skyping, there’s simply no substitute for face to face interactions. How else are you going to be able to really feel this person out and make sure their presence is suitable for all your cherished guests? Maui wedding DJ Chris Serna is always happy to meet his potential clients and make sure they are stoked on him and his services before sealing the deal. If you happen to be off island, and meeting in person is not an option, be sure to have a few good conversations via phone or skype. A seasoned DJ will conduct him or herself professionally even during these initial conversations.

Secondly, we encourage you to ask your potential wedding DJ how long he has actually “been” a DJ, and ask him to expand on this a bit. Though the DJ might be doing well as a beginner, most folks who are planning a wedding event do not seek a DJ who is still working on his skills. Instead, seek out a wedding DJ with experience…one who can tell you about the wide range of events he’s played. This will give you a better idea of what kind of vibe and service you will be getting at your wedding reception.

Last but not least, discuss with your potential DJ what his or her particular style is. Will he or she be emceeing the event, as well as providing lighting and ambiance? Maui wedding DJ Chris Serna provides all of these services, and included free of charge is his passion for service and spirit of Aloha from the Hawaiian island of Maui.

You will know that you are picking a qualified party-provider if you can sort out all of these details beforehand. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed if you have done all the research necessary – and of course choose Chris Serna as your man behind the booth!